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    April 12-15, 2018 in Louisville, KY


    COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – The NWBA Board of Directors adopted a new multi-year membership dues structure through the 2023-24 NWBA season. After a complete analysis of the NWBA’s financial state, the NWBA Board of Directors approved this dues structure that sustains the overall health of the NWBA. The new fees will go into place for the upcoming season.

    The 2018-19 NWBA Registration period will open on July 17. The dues structure provides NWBA Teams an opportunity to plan its registration fees process locally for the foreseeable future. The Board’s focus was to contain increases for athletes where possible, in particular the Junior Division.

    The NWBA fees for non-athletes is increased from the prior year, and the fee primarily covers the expense for background checks. It has not been a secret that the NWBA as an organization has been operating at a loss for several years. Reducing costs while increasing and diversifying revenue sources has been a priority of the new leadership for several years and has reduced the current operating deficit. That reduction, however, has not been sufficient.

    “The deficit in not entirely on the backs of the membership, the Board is committed to continuing to cutting costs and seeing new avenues of sponsorship and individual donors,” said Sarah Castle, NWBA President. “The increase in revenue will provide the organization more opportunities in long-term planning and will provide more programmatic and grassroots support to the organization including players, coaches and officials’ training.”

    The percentage of the budget reliant on membership fees is still well below the industry standard that other National Governing Bodies have.

    Below is a table on the long-term NWBA Membership Dues Structure. Specific details on the 2018-19 NWBA Membership Registration process will be announced the week of June 25.

      2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024
    Adults $30 $40 $45 $50 $50 $50
    Juniors $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25
    Non-Athletes $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50
    Teams $600 $600 $600 $700 $700 $700
    Sanctions $0 $50 $60 $70 $75 $75

    The NWBA Board of Directors also approved a new Strategic Plan identifying key priorities for the organization through 2024. These priorities are:

    1. Player Development

    2. Community Engagement

    3. Brand Promotion/Revenue Generation

    4. Organizational Effectiveness.

    The NWBA Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 was developed by the NWBA Strategic Planning Working Group that was represented by a wide cross section of the NWBA members (e.g. across Divisions, Athletes, Coaches and Administrators). The Working Group will continue to work together throughout the summer to develop a tactical plan for implementation.

    Additional actions during the NWBA Board of Directors were:

    National Tournament

    In assessing the financial state of the organization, the Board of Directors is looking at the future feasibility of continuing the national tournament under the current structure. In mid to late-July, the Board, the division leadership, and the National Tournament Working Group will host an open meeting to share options for the future of the tournament and we encourage membership to listen into the conversation.

    In the meantime, we urge the membership to reach out to your division leadership and the National Tournament Working Group on your thoughts on the future of the national tournament.

    Safe Sport

    In response to recent Congressional investigations into crimes against children within the Olympic and Paralympic Movement, the NWBA will be implementing training protocol on Safe Sport to protect all our members and athletes. The NWBA will also be deploying Safe Sport educational efforts for parents.

    “Once again, we would like to thank all of the Members who played a role in various working groups, or who shared their opinion and concerns,” said Anthony Bartkowski, NWBA Executive Director. “Without feedback from our membership, we would not be able to prioritize our focus areas or make progress against them. Please continue to follow social media and our newsletters for updates on upcoming meetings, during which we will share timing and details for future meetings.”

    Results of NWBA Proposed Bylaws

    06/16/2018, 1:00pm CDT
    By NWBA

    On June 16, 2018, the NWBA hosted a virtual Annual Assembly via Zoom Meetings. In addition to The State of The NWBA, Leadership reviewed proposed NWBA Bylaw amendments. Below are each of the four proposed amendments (The detailed amendments are below):

    • Voting and Other Rights of Members

    • Annual Assembly

    • Elections and Terms of Office

    • Individual Membership Categories, Officials

    Of the Amendments proposed, the results are as follows:

    • 4.3 Voting and Other Rights of Members - DID NOT PASS

    • 10.1 Annual Assembly - PASSED

    • 6.2 Elections and Terms of Office - PASSED

    • 4 Individual Membership Categories, Officials - PASSED

    We would like to thank the Members who took part in the voting process. We are an organization that self-governs, and your input is vital to shaping The NWBA and continuing the legacy of our association. The implementation of the amended bylaws will take place typically within 30 days or as soon as practicable.

    Thank you,

    Sarah Castle, NWBA President


    (All changes and/or deletions are in bold)

    Article 4 - Membership; Section 4.3 – Voting and Other Rights of Members

    Proposed By: Junior Rodriguez, San Diego Wolfpack

    Proposed Bylaw:

    Section 4.3 : Voting and Other Rights of Members

    Individuals who are U.S. citizens, at least 18 years of age, and are the Team Representative for their respective NWBA Registered Team shall be entitled to one vote in all maters submitted to a vote of the membership. The NWBOA will be represented by their elected Board of Directors, comprised of seven (7) members, allotted one vote each. No other voting privileges are conferred upon these members. All voting delegates shall be a member of the NWBA at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the election or membership vote (Annual Assembly date) in order to be eligible to vote in such election and/or membership vote.


    Article 10 – Annual Assembly; Section 10.1

    Proposed By: Stanley Corn, Sportable Rim Riders

    Proposed Bylaw:

    Section 10.1: The NWBA Annual Assembly

    There shall be an Annual Assembly at which all members and other NWBA constituencies shall gather and provide input to the Board of Directors on matters relating to the organization.

    The Annual Assembly meeting may be held in conjunction with a major NWBA competition.

    The NWBA Annual Assembly shall be held in conjunction with a regularly scheduled Board of Director’s meeting.

    At the Annual Assembly:

    1. The Board of Directors shall provide a report on the “State of the NWBA;”

    2. The Executive Director shall provide a managerial report;

    3. Members may pose questions to the Board and Executive Director for response; The voting membership shall elect new members of the Board of Directors as provided in these Bylaws; and

    4. The voting membership may amend these Bylaws as provided in these Bylaws.

    Proposed Bylaw:

    1. The annual assembly will be video-conferenced and the voting membership, not able to send a physical representative to the annual assembly, may participate electronically in real time.

    2. The annual assembly will be streamed on the website in real time so the voting membership that does not have video-conferencing capabilities, may view the annual assembly.

    3. The voting membership that is participating via video-conferencing or live streaming, may vote using email to the annual assembly “voting email address” (to be established upon adoption of this change) if they wish to hear the discussions of the topics on which to be voted, prior to casting a vote.


    Article 6 – Section 6.2 – Election and Term of Office

    Article 5 – Section 5.6: Board Terms and Tenure

    Proposed By: Tom Vandever, Charlottesville Cardinals

    Proposed Bylaw:

    • Section 6.2: Election and Term of Office.

    The Membership of the NWBA shall elect the Office of President. The President shall serve for four years and take office at the first Board Meeting following the Annual Assembly. The Board of Directors of the NWBA shall elect the Officers of  Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary at the first Board Meeting following the Annual Assembly and those officers shall hold office for two years from being appointed until its successor are elected.

    • Section 5.6: Board Terms and Tenure.

    1) The Board shall serve staggered terms in the following manner:

    NWBA Bylaws 9

    a. Each of the Board Directors, including the President, shall be elected for four-year terms.


    Article 4 – Section 1.C – Individual Membership Categories, Officials

    Proposed By: NWBA Board of Directors

    Proposed Bylaw:

    c. Official Members. Official members are individuals who register as officials with the NWBA, and who are certified as officials to officiate wheelchair basketball games.

    Saturday, June 16 at 8:30 a.m. Mountain

    The NWBA has set up its Annual Assembly address for registered members to attend virtually. The Annual Assembly is scheduled for Saturday, June 16 at 8:30 a.m. Mountain. All registered members are able to sign up for the NWBA Annual Assembly by clicking here. We feel it is important for members to have an opportunity to hear from NWBA leadership about the organization and address questions. 

    Due to the low registration for the NWBA Annual Congress, we have cancelled the member portions. The Annual Assembly will still be conducted, providing teams an opportunity to vote on NWBA Bylaw Amendments via a secret ballot through Survey Monkey. 

    Please follow the steps below in order to confirm the voting delegate for each team:

    1. The NWBA Team must designate who its voting delegate is by Thursday, June 14 at 5 p.m. Mountain by emailing In the body of the email, please state the registered NWBA Team Name, and the registered NWBA member name of the voting delegate with the delegate’s email address. 
    2. The voting delegate must register and attend the Zoom Meeting set for Saturday, June 16 at 8:30 a.m. Mountain. To register for the Zoom Meeting click here.
      • All voting delegates must be registered with the NWBA at least 60 days prior to the Annual Assembly (April 17, 2018);
      • Must be at least 18 years of age; and 
      • A United States citizen. 
    3. The NWBA will use the secret voting function through Survey Monkey. At the beginning of the NWBA Annual Assembly, once participation is confirmed, an email from Survey Monkey will be sent to the voting delegates in attendance to submit the votes for the NWBA Bylaw Amendments. 
    4. The proposed NWBA Bylaw Amendments can be read by clicking here.
    5. The Survey Monkey voting period will close on Saturday, June 16 at 12 p.m. Mountain, and the results will be announced on the NWBA website. 

    This process is in accord with the NWBA Bylaws (Section 10.3), that keeps ballots in secret. The report from Survey Monkey confirms who voted but does not relinquish how each voting delegate voted. 

    If you submitted an absentee ballot and wish to withdraw the vote, please contact NWBA Executive Director Anthony Bartkowski by email at


    COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) announces the inaugural NWBA Champion’s Circle. This program is an exclusive opportunity for individuals who want to increase the impact and awareness of wheelchair basketball through fundraising and other initiatives. Additionally, the NWBA Champion’s Circle members will serve in an advisory capacity to the organization. The NWBA is pleased to announce that Joe Ruocco and Brian Kurtz will serve through the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics as founding members. 

    The NWBA Champion’s Circle members is composed of high-level professionals with a wide range of expertise to advise the organization to sustain the growth of the sport and serve as ambassadors for wheelchair basketball nationally. 

    “We are excited about the launch of the NWBA Champion’s Circle and the opportunity for growth in the organization. The Champion’s Circle allows us to not only have important dialogue with experts in their respective fields and also advocate on behalf of the organization as well,” said Anthony Bartkowski, NWBA Executive Director. 

    Joe Ruocco brings over 30 years of business experience to the NWBA Champion’s Circle spending seven years as Goodyear’s Chief Human Resources Officer following a long career at GE. He again is stepping into a leadership role to serve as the Co-Captain of the inaugural NWBA Champion’s Circle.

    “I’m excited to co-lead the Champion’s Circle and to support an organization with such an extensive history as the NWBA. I look forward to dedicating my knowledge and experience to help take the organization to the next level,” said Ruocco.

    Ruocco is currently a Senior Advisor to CamberView Partners, a leading provider of independent, investor-focused advice to help public company management teams and boards build strong, productive relationships with institutional investors. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Bright Funds, a technology company that provides a business platform that allows employees to execute high-impact charitable giving.

    Brian Kurtz, Managing Director for Baird’s Private Wealth Management business, brings nearly two decades of financial services experience to the Champions Circle. In addition to managing retirement planning and professional money management for his clients, he also serves as Baird’s Ohio Market Director, overseeing the regional operations for Baird’s private wealth management offices in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo, as well as Kansas City, Missouri and Wichita, Kansas.  Active in the Cleveland community, Kurtz is on the St. Martin de Porres High School Corporate Work Study Board, a member of the Camp Cheerful Fall Festival Committee and a member of the John Carroll Entrepreneurs Association. 

    The NWBA is actively recruiting NWBA Champion’s Circle members to help the organization better serve its members and build towards the future growth of the sport, all while helping to build a strong financial base to ensure the NWBA is able to meet its needs of the members. 

    COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – The NWBA announced the 2018 U.S. Men’s World Championships Wheelchair Basketball Team, following the four-day selection camp at the Olympic Training Center, May 23-26. The 2018 U.S. Team sees the return of 10 athletes from the 2016 Paralympic Games gold-medal team. The IWBF World Championships are set for Hamburg, Germany, August 16-26, at the Edel-Optics Arena, that will feature a total of 16 teams.

    The road to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics for wheelchair basketball started in 2017 with the America’s Zonal Qualifying tournament, where Team USA claimed a gold medal after defeating Canada. In 2019, the U.S. Team will compete at the Para Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru. The quadrenium will close out with the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

    2016 co-captainsSteve Serioof Westbury, New York, and Mike Paye of Warren, Michigan, return to the squad. Serio, a three-time Paralympian (2008, 2012, 2016), paced the United States in Rio from the point and has earned two consecutive Paralympic medals (2012 bronze, 2016 gold). Paye, also a three-time Paralympian (2004, 2008, 2016), is the contributor in a variety of looks for the U.S. men. 

    Matt Scott of Detroit, Michigan, returns in an attempt to make a fifth consecutive U.S. Paralympic Team. Scott has seen action on the big stage since the Athens Paralympics, and has earned two Paralympic medals (2012 and 2016). Two-time Paralympic medalistIan Lynchof Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, also returns to the squad. Both are versatile players on defense and offense. 

    Two-time Paralympic medalistsNate Hinze of Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, andTrevon Jenifer of Huntingtown, Maryland, have returned to the U.S. Men’s National Team after taking a year off following the Rio Games. 

    Four members of the 2016 gold-medal team return and are looking towards their second appearance at the 2020 Paralympics, and all earned a silver medal at the 2014 World Championships. Leading the quartet is Brian Bell of Forest Park, Illinois;Jared Arambula of Valparaiso, Indiana;Aaron Gougeof Wake Forest, North Carolina; andJake Williams of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

    Also joining the Paralympians and making their first U.S. World Championship team will be: John Boie of Milton, Wisconsin, and Jorge Sanchez of Oakland, California. Sanchez was a member of the 2013 and 2017 America’s Qualifier teams. Boie fills out the roster and brings experience from the perennial collegiate powerhouse of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. 

    “I am excited with the focus and intensity of the athletes over the last four days, and the final selections were not easy,” said U.S. Men’s Head Coach Ron Lykins of Columbia, Missouri. “The final group of athletes position us for success, and I it is very promising to see how this team prepares in the next couple of months for Germany. The athletes who were not selected show a lot of promise to lead Team USA in the future.” 

    Lykins has coached three U.S. Paralympic gold-medal teams (2004 women; 2008 women; 2016 men). Joining him on the sidelines will be assistant coaches Robb Taylor of Auburn, Alabama,John Sikora of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Scott Meyer of Columbia, Missouri, is the team leader, withMary Vacala of Savannah, Georgia, serving as the Athletic Trainer. The Team Physician isDr. Gloria Beimof Crested Butte, Colorado. 

    Team USA qualified for the 2018 World Championships by winning the 2017 America’s Zonal Qualifier in Cali, Colombia. The U.S. Men last lost in the 2014 World Championships, where they claimed a silver medal. At the 2015 ParaPan Am Games, Team USA cruised to the gold medal. 

    Team USA has brought home a medal at all World Championships, including six gold medals, four silver medals, and one bronze medal. Team USA has played for the gold medal in 10 of the 11 IWBF World Championships. 

    At the Rio Paralympics, the U.S. Men outscored the field, 614-349. The U.S. Men’s Paralympic Team led eight of 12 stat categories. The U.S. Men won a bronze medal at the 2012 Paralympics, and were seventh in 2004 and fourth in 2008, following bronze-medal performances in 2000 and 1996.

    2018 Wounded Warriors Games Set for June 1-9

    05/24/2018, 12:15pm CDT
    By Pasha Zolfaghari

    You can take a soldier out of the fight, but you can never take the fight out of a soldier.

    From June 1-9, the Department of Defense (DoD) Warrior Games will take place in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Air Force Academy Falcon Stadium. The event has occurred annually since 2010 and is a multi-sport competition for wounded veterans.

    This year’s Warrior Games is set for more than 250 competitors, multiple celebrity guests, three new sports and a new team. Jon Stewart will reprise his role as the Master of Ceremonies after doing a phenomenal job in the role last year. Music legends Kelly Clarkson and Eric Paisley are also set to hold concerts at this year’s event.

    This year’s games will see the return of archery, track and field, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming and wheelchair basketball. Three new events, time trial cycling, indoor rowing and powerlifting, have been added. The teams competing in the games this year are the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Operations Command, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. This is the second year that Australia has competed and the first year ever that Canada is competing in the Warrior Games.

    The National Wheelchair Basketball Association, a long-time partner of the Warrior Games, will also be in attendance to support the event. mi“Our league was founded by disabled veterans returning home from World War II,” NWBA Executive Director Anthony Bartkowski explained. “From the inception of our league, veterans have been the backbone that helped us grow and improve to the league we are today. It is so important to support our veterans and we wish all of the participants the best of luck at the 2018 Warrior Games!”

    The goal of the Warrior Games is to support our returning veterans and let them know that their sacrifices are appreciated by the civilians. To learn more about the event and get free admissions tickets, click here. The stadium doors open at 5 pm MST, so make sure to come out and support all of the competitors in the 2018 Warrior Games.

    2018 NWBA Annual Congress Announcement

    05/21/2018, 4:45pm CDT
    By NWBA

    COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO - Due to the lack of registrations for the first NWBA Annual Congress, we have made some changes to the program, based upon feedback of the members. The NWBA Annual Congress is still scheduled at the Cheyenne Conference Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, CO, June 14-17. We have eliminated the $450 registration fee, and reduced various programs that is reflected in the schedule below. Attendees will be responsible for their own travel, hotel, meals, and incidental expenses.

    All NWBA members have an opportunity to attend the NWBA Annual Congress. The registration deadline for the NWBA Annual Congress has been extended to Sunday, June 3. NWBA members planning to only attend the Annual Assembly from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 16, must still complete a entry for registration and select the “Annual Assembly” option.

    To register for the Annual Congress and Annual Assembly, click here. The Annual Congress also has a webpage where more information can be found here.

    The deadline to reserve a room at the “NWBA” group rate at the Cheyenne Conference Mountain Resort is Monday, June 4. The “NWBA” group rate is $169 per night plus tax. Please contact the Cheyenne Conference Mountain Resort directly to book your accomedations at (719) 538-4000 or

    The Annual Congress was developed based on the feedback from members in the 2016-17 season survey. During the Congress, ample time has been scheduled for members to discuss key items within the respective Divisions. The concept of the Annual Congress is to provide members an opportunity to attend a variety of best practice seminars that are pertinent to the overall development for the member and the NWBA.

    In the future, we will be evaluating how best to accomplish an Annual Congress event that is cost effective for the betterment of all members. If you or your team are interested in hosting a future Annual Congress, please contact me directly for requirements.


    Revised 2018 NWBA Annual Congress Schedule

    Thursday, June 14

    Arrivals and Registration

    7-9 p.m. – Divisional Meetings


    Friday, June 15

    8-10 a.m. – Divisional Meetings

    10-11:30 a.m. – Membership Round Tables

    2-5 p.m. – Membership Round Tables


    Saturday, June 16

    8:30-11:30 a.m – NWBA Annual Assembly


    Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hosting you for the first NWBA Annual Congress.

    Nike Player of the Month and NWBA Team of the Month Recap

    05/07/2018, 10:45am CDT
    By Pasha Zolfaghari

    COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – The 2017-18 NWBA season gave fans one of the greatest seasons of wheelchair basketball in the history of the sport. Fans saw the highest scoring game in NWBA history, a repeat of the championship game from last year and so much more.

    This season also saw an increase of national recognition for both players and teams through the Nike Player of the Month and NWBA Team of the Month programs. We saw a record number of votes this season for the program and every nominee was truly worthy of their recognition. Below is the list of every player and team that represented everything the NWBA stands for.

    Nike Players of the Month: 2017-18 Season


    Women's Division: Kelly Lavoie of the Chapter 126 CT Rolling Suns of Bristol, Connecticut

    Adult Division I: Hector Perez of the NMCSD Wolf Pack of San Diego, California

    Adult Division II: Mark Hartney of the Sportable Rim Riders of Richmond Virginia

    Adult Division III: Claude Scott of the Pittsburg Steelwheelers of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

    Junior Varsity: Daniel Malloy of the Fairfax Falcons of Fairfax, Virginia

    Intercollegiate Division: Mackenzie Voecks of the University of Nebraska Omaha, Destiny Ortega of the University of Texas Arlington (UTA)



    Women’s Division: Becca Murray of the WASA Bucks - Women of Milwaukee, WI

    Adult Division I: Bryce Doody of the MedStar NRH Punishers of Washington, D.C.

    Adult Division II: Chris Goodwin of the Lakeshore Storms of Birmingham, Alabama

    Adult Division III: Robert Reed of the Phoenix Banner Suns of Phoenix, Arizona

    Junior Varsity: Tyler Tippins of the Lakeshore Lakers of Birmingham, Alabama

    Junior Prep: Preston Howell of the Charlotte Rollin' Hornets Prep-Purple of Matthews, North Carolina

    Intercollegiate Division: Emily Oberst of the University of Illinois Fighting Illini Women's Team of Champaign, Illinois



    Junior Varsity: Breanna Clark of the Katie's Komets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Junior Prep: J.P. James Pollard of the Bennett Blazers - Prep of Baltimore, Maryland



    Adult Division II: Robbie Gordon of the Tampa Bay Strong Dogs

    Adult Division III: Anthony McDaniel Jr. of the Mobile Patriots

    Junior Varsity: Garrett Castillo of Woodville, Texas and the TIRR Memorial Hermann Junior Hotwheels

    Junior Prep: Caleb Roach of St. Joseph, Missouri and the Nebraska Red Dawgs

    Intercollegiate Division: Dylan Fischbach of Vermillion, South Dakota and The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater (Men)



    Adult Division I: Joseph Chambers of Davis, CA and the Sacramento Rollin' Kings

    Junior Varsity: Austin Smith of the Charlotte Rollin' Hornets - Varsity

    Junior Prep: AJ Miller of Cedar Rapids, IA and the SportAbility Rolling Panthers

    Intercollegiate Division: Ranley Clayton of Alexander City, AL and Auburn University – Men



    Women’s Division: Gail Gaeng of Chicago, IL and the LWSRA Lady Hawks

    Intercollegiate Division: Rose Hollermann of Elysian, Minnesota and University of Texas at Arlington - Women

    Junior Varsity Division: Chauncey Wulf of Decatur, IL and the Peoria Wildcats

    Junior Prep: Adam Smith of Marvin, NC and Charlotte Rollin' Hornets Prep – Purple


    NWBA Teams of the Month


    Women's Division: WFS Team Liberty of Brooklyn, New York

    Adult Division I: Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks of Arlington, Texas

    Adult Division II: Nassau Kings of Elmont, New York

    Adult Division III: Pittsburg SteelWheelers of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

    Intercollegiate Division: Auburn University Tigers of Auburn, Alabama

    Junior Varsity: Dallas Jr. Wheelchair Mavericks of Dallas, Texas



    Women’s Division: WASA Bucks of Brookfield, Wisconsin

    Adult Division I: MedStar NRH Punishers of Washington, D.C.

    Adult Division II: NMCSD Wolfpack of San Diego, California

    Adult Division III: Seattle Sonics of Seattle, Washington

    Intercollegiate Division: University of Illinois Fighting Illini Men's Team of Champaign, Illinois

    Junior Varsity: ParaSport Spokane - Varsity (A) of Spokane, Washington

    Junior Prep: Minnesota Rollin' Rowdies of Minneapolis, Minnesota



    Adult Division III: Turnstone Bandits of Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Junior Varsity: Utah Rush - Varsity of Salt Lake City Utah



    Adult Division II: Tampa Bay Strong Dogs of Tampa, Florida

    Intercollegiate Division: University of Wisconsin - Whitewater (Men) of Whitewater, Wisconsin

    Junior Varsity: TIRR Memorial Hermann Junior Hotwheels of Houston, Texas



    Adult Division I: Sacramento Rollin' Kings of Davis, CA



    Intercollegiate Division: University of Alabama - Men of Tuscaloosa, AL

    Junior Prep: Charlotte Rollin' Hornets Prep - Purple of Charlotte, NC

    Election for Board of Directors

    05/02/2018, 5:45pm CDT
    By Tim Fox, NWBA Secretary & NWBA Governance Chairperson

    We want to inform the members that there is no election for the NWBA Board of Directors in the 2017-18 season, as all seats are presently filled and no terms expire during this year. When the NWBA adopted its Bylaws in 2008. The Bylaws set a staggered term process which allows individuals to transfer on/off the Board of Directors, keeping members on with experience, which is a best practice for non-profits organizations.

    There will be several seats for election again the 2018-19 season, and call for nominations, etc., will happen accordingly per the NWBA Bylaws. If you have any questions regarding the election process, Anthony Bartkowski, NWBA Executive Director, or myself.

    Below is when the members were elected/appointed to the Board of Directors, with their year of expiration:


    Name                                                                    Elected                                 Expires

    Sarah Castle, President                               2016-17                                2019-20

    Bruce Fischbach, Vice President           2016-17                                2019-20

    Doug Arambula                                                2016-17                                2019-20

    Tim Fox                                                                  2016-17                                2019-20

    Lee Montgomery                                             2016-17                                2019-20

    Dan Ferriera                                                       2015-16                                2018-19

    Curtis Lease, Treasurer                                2015-16                                2018-19

    Mark Crear                                                          2015 – Appointed            Annually appointed by Board

    Jay Abraham                                                       2015 – Appointed            Annually appointed by Board

    Will Waller                                                           2016 – Appointed            Annually appointed by Board

    COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) announced Tuesday that is has partnered with Blue Star Sports, an industry leader in sports technology. Krossover, a Blue Star Sports company, is now recognized as the Official Video Breakdown and Analytics Provider of the NWBA.

    “The NWBA’s partnership with Blue Star Sports is significant for the overall development of our National Team athletes, and provides our member teams the same technology resources for tracking team progress throughout the upcoming 2018-19 NWBA season,” said Anthony Bartkowski, NWBA Executive Director. “The Blue Star Sports suite of software is easy to use and provides an extraordinary technology advancement for wheelchair basketball.”

    The NWBA will receive a blend of complementary and discounted services through Krossover’s suite of video breakdown services. Krossover is the industry leader in providing coaches and athletes with automated video breakdown and statistical analysis services. NWBA members will also be eligible for discounted pricing on additional services within the Blue Star Sports family.

    “Krossover and Blue Star Sports are very excited to have partnered with the NWBA. The sport’s growth in the United States is unprecedented and we’re excited to be a partner of the organization,” said Dan Pesce, Associate Director of Partnerships with Blue Star Sports. “By adopting our services, member teams will continue to enhance their experience and elevate their level of play.”

    NWBA members will be offered initial discounted pricing through November 1, 2018, with packages starting at $200. Krossover offers technology solutions for coaches to review film and catalog players throughout the year to evaluate player development and progress.

    The NWBA’s National Teams will also utilize the broad range of Blue Star Sports’ technologies in evaluating Team USA’s performances and scouting opponents.

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