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Classification Forms

Classification Forms

The forms listed here have a variety of uses within the Classification area of our sport.

All certified Team Reviewers must fill out a Classification Roster Form for their team. Team Reviewers must obtain approval and signatures of Team Reviewers from the first two opposing teams. A third Team Reviewer
may be consulted if approval/signature is not received from one of the first two Team Reviewers. 

• Completed and signed Classification Rosters should be submitted to Brandon McBeain, at within 72 hours of approval, at such time as two Team Reviewers have agreed to
the proposed classification for each player on the roster. Team Reviewers that do not submit approved rosters may be fined $200 and/or deemed ineligible for postseason play (NWBA Policies & Procedures 5.3 (6.)).

This roster can be used to keep track of your team and opposing teams classification points during games.

This worksheet can be used by team reviewers to organize their players classifications and rationales for discussion with other team reviewers or notes on why they chose a specific classification for a player.