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National Wheelchair Basketball Association

1130 Elkton St., Suite A
Colorado Springs, CO 80907, USA
Phone: 719.266.4082
Fax: 719.900.2282

The NWBA National Office is here to service the membership. This is done through projects such as team registration, assistance with classification, tournament sanctioning, putting on the NWBA National Tournament, providing fundraising opportunities, and managing our USA High Performance Teams.

We welcome your suggestions, comments, and questions at

National Office Staff

Please feel free to contact NWBA staff using the following contact information.

Brandon McBeain

Director of Membership Services and Programs

Phone: (719) 266-4082 ext. 108

Will Waller

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 719-266-4082 ext. 105

Matt Hruska

Nationals Intern

Phone: 719-266-4082 ext. 101

Rebekah Markovitz

Communications Intern

Phone: (719) 266-4082 ext 101

Alec James

Communications Intern

Phone: (719) 266- 4082 ext. 101

Tyler Castellanos

Marketing and Sponsorship Intern

Phone: (719) 266-4082 ext. 101

Jordan Bitar

Operations Intern

Phone: 719-266-4082 ext. 101