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NWBA Hall of Fame


The purpose of the NWBA Hall of Fame is to enshrine, in the form of a permanent record, the names of those individuals who have exerted a distinctive, positive influence of unique dimension on the sport of wheelchair basketball.

Classes of Members

Two classes of individuals shall be clearly identified for inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

A. Competitors

This class includes all of those who, by virtue of their unique and singular achievements as players, are deserving of recognition in the Hall of Fame. No less than one (1) such competitor shall be elected into the Hall of Fame in each calendar year.

B. Non-competitors

This class includes all those, individuals with or without disabilities, who are deserving of recognition by virtue of their considered contributions to the development, growth, support, and advancement of wheelchair basketball without regard to their prowess as players.

Criteria for Selection
The criteria for selecting individuals to the Hall of Fame in each class are as follows.

A. Competitors

  1. Individuals must have completed a minimum of five (5) years as NWBA players except wherein extenuating circumstances dictating a lesser number of years can be identified.
  2. Unique and singular achievements as the basis for selection should be interpreted as inclusive of the following multifaceted criteria:
    • Membership on All-American team(s) of the past
    • Membership on championship and U.S. teams
    • Acknowledged superiority of skill respective to physical classification
    • Demonstration of sportsmanship of the highest order
    • Establishment of distinctive playing records that have stood the test of time
    • Longevity of participation that earns respect on the basis of the true fulfillment of the purpose of sport
  3. Candidates who have been included on the ballot for seven years must receive at least 60% of the total vote to remain on the HOF ballot; should the voting not reach that number, the candidate will be excluded from the ballot.

B. Non-competitors

  1. Individuals must have served a minimum of twelve (12) full years in the interest of wheelchair basketball in the capacity of any one or more of the following: a coach, administrator, or supporter of wheelchair basketball.
  2. The individual must have demonstrated a clearly unselfish dedication to the sport that has enhanced its development on a local, sectional, or national basis.
  3. The contribution(s) made to the sport may be in any of the realms of coaching, officiating, administration, education and the like.

C. Voting Process

Candidates are voted in based on a 75% total of possible points for competitors and 80% for non-competitors.


During the review of a nominee’s qualifications for induction, should the Hall of Fame Committee determine that an individual has damaged the integrity of the game of wheelchair basketball, he or she shall be deemed not worthy of induction and removed from consideration. The nominee in question may appeal his or her removal to the NWBA Board.


Nominations for membership to the Hall of Fame may be made by any member of the NWBA and submitted to the NWBA Hall of Fame Committee for its consideration via the official nomination form. Nominations must be submitted to the Hall of Fame Chairperson. A citation shall then be drawn up for each worthy candidate by the Hall of Fame Committee and presented to the NWBA Board of Directors for its final determination.

Click on the link below to access the NWBA Hall of Fame Nomination Form.


A suitably engraved plaque bearing the monogram of the NWBA shall be awarded to the individual upon selection to the Hall of Fame. It shall be presented to him or her on an auspicious occasion such as the victory banquet following the annual National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament.


Memorabilia reflecting the unique history and development of the sport, such as photographs, published matter, equipment, etc., shall be collected to form a permanent visual record to be housed within the James Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. Memorabilia shall include a plaque listing all the names of the members of the NWBA Hall of Fame.

Memorabilia reflecting the unique development of the sport, such as photographs, published material, equipment, etc., have been collected and form a permanent visual record of the NWBA and its history. That visual record has been on display within the James Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. A plaque listing all the names of members of the Hall of Fame can be found adjacent to the display. Both were formally dedicated on October 19 ,1990 thanks primarily to the efforts of former NWBA Commissioner and Hall of Famer Stan Labanowich.