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Junior Division Information

The Junior Division for the NWBA is comprised of over 80 teams from all across the U.S. competing in the Prep and Varsity levels of play. 

The Junior Prep Division provides the opportunity for all players age 13 and under to experience the sport of wheelchair basketball using a basket height of 8.5 feet.

The Junior 10 foot (Varsity) Division uses full size basketball courts and hoops. This level typically introduces advanced skills to the athletes. Athletes are eligible to a maximum age and must be in school.

Scroll down for information on the Executive Committee, forms, academic awards and nominations, and conference contact information. 


Executive Committee

Mike Bauler


Phone: (612) 388-4689

Diane Winterstein

Second Vice President

Phone: (586) 212-6196

TOMIE Zuchetto

West Coast Commissioner

Lisa Elliston


Phone: (615) 319-8830

Adam Lindsay


Phone: (801) 910-3494

NEIL Clements

Midwest Commissioner

Phone: (309) 261-4757

David Elbert

First Vice President

Phone: (443) 255-9317

Emily Hoskins

At Large

Phone: (217) 778-7855