2024 NWBA Annual Assembly - Board of Directors Nomination & Elections

Board of Directors Open Positions

The NWBA Board of Directors has one position available for election at the 2024 NWBA Annual Assembly.

  • Elected member position, currently held by Dan Ferreira (member elected positions serve a four-year term 2024-2028)


The NWBA Governance Committee received a self-nomination and approved the following candidate for the Board of Directors open position for election at the 2024 NWBA Annual Assembly. 

Board of Directors Self-Nomination Process

Holding a position on the NWBA Board of Directors comes with significant responsibility which includes setting the direction of the organization and participating in various Committees. It also involves making difficult trade-off decisions when matters are escalated to Leadership. All of this is in addition to a significant sacrifice of personal time.

Individuals interested in running for an open Board position, should review the Board of Directors Standards and Responsibilities document as well as the Qualifications outlined in the Bylaws BEFORE submitting a self-nomination (both references are included below).

Questions regarding the time commitment, requirements or any other Board of Director position inquiries should be directed to the Chair of the Governance Committee (Email Dug).

By Thursday, March 21, 2024 (60 days before Annual Assembly), self-nominations must be sent to the Governance Committee (Email Dug). Self-Nominations should include:

  1. Resume
  2. Bio with headshot photo included

Current NWBA Registrations are not required to be elected for a position with the NWBA Board of  Directors; however, if elected to a Board of Directors position, the individual would then be required to complete a current season NWBA Individual Membership Registration for Non-Athletes (which includes a background check and completion of SafeSport Training), as well as the Conflict of Interest and Gifts & Entertainment Disclosures.

  1. Click here to access the NWBA Individual Membership Registration for Non-Athletes
  2. Click here to access the Conflict of Interest and Gifts & Entertainment Training and Disclosures

Board of Directors Qualifications (NWBA Bylaws – Article 5, Section 3)

1. General Qualifications:

a. Each director of the Board of Directors must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older.

b. A director shall:

a) have the highest personal and professional integrity,
b) have demonstrated exceptional ability and judgment,
c) be effective, in conjunction with the other members of the Board, in collectively serving the long-term interests of the NWBA,
d) possess an understanding of athletic competition and the Paralympic ideals,
e) have a high level of experience and capability in Board oversight responsibilities, including in the areas of finance, marketing, fundraising, audit, management, communications, sport, and other challenges that face the NWBA,
f) have passed a background check, completed SafeSport education and training, and have no record of SafeSport violations.