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Individual Membership Registration

Individual Registration Dates

- Opens Sunday, August 1, 2021 at 5 p.m. Mountain time

- Remains open throughout the 2021-2022 season*

*Participants are STRONGLY encouraged to register as early as possible to avoid eligibility issues.

  • Individuals must have a verified, complete Registration prior to participating in any NWBA activities. A verified, complete Athlete and/or Non-Athlete Registration includes the successful completion of the following certifications: Background Check (Non-Athlete only), SafeSport Trained (all Adult Participants-age 18 and older), Coaches Certification (if applicable), Officials Certification (if applicable), Team Reviewer Certification (if applicable).
  • Teams and Individuals must have a verified, complete Registration prior the Division deadlines for post-season play which can be found by visiting: TBD-will be posted Fall 2021
  • At least 60 days prior to the NWBA Annual Assembly, Teams must be Registered for the current season AND the respective team representative/voting delegate must have a verified, complete current season NWBA Non-Athlete Individual Membership Registration (which includes a Passed Background check and current completed SafeSport Training) to be eligible to vote.

Registration Links

Team Registration MUST be complete prior to that Team's affiliated participants submitting an Individual Registration. Click here for more information on Team Registration.

Individuals with multiple roles should submit multiple Registrations--Athlete Registration prior to Non-Athlete Registration. Review additional details below in the Membership Categories section.

How To Videos for Registration

Please make sure to read the steps below (scroll down to "Registration Process"), and click on the links below to watch videos  on how to register. 

Individual Registration Categories

Junior Athlete - All athletes that participate in the Junior Division (Prep and Varsity)
Junior Athletes that participate on a Junior Division Team as well as an Adult Division (DI, DII or DIII) and/or Women's Division teams may register for ALL of their teams through submitting this one Junior Athlete Registration.

Adult Athlete - All athletes that participate in the Adult Division I, Adult Division II, Adult Division III, Women's Division, Intercollegiate Division (Men's & Women's) and the Men's and Women's High Performance Pool/National Teams.

Non-Athlete - All non-athletes which includes the following roles: Coach, Official, Classifier, Team Representative/Voting Delegate, Team Support Staff Members (Statistician, Medical Professional, Team Classification Reviewer, Equipment Manager, Administrator, Personal Care Attendant, Other), Hall of Fame member, Board of Directors, Standing or Ad hoc Committee or Task Force Leadership, Divisional and Conference Leadership, Event Director or Sanction Holder, and Affiliate (Employees, Interns, Contractors, etc.)

Athletes that also serve in Non-Athlete roles should submit both an Athlete Registration and a Non-Athlete Registration.

Registration Fees and Payment

  • Junior Athlete Registration - $25 per person
  • Adult Athlete Registration - $30 per person
  • Non-Athlete Registration - $60 per person
  • Hall of Fame Members - $0 per person (Registration fees waived) Contact Brandon McBeain at for more details BEFORE submitting an Individual Registration. 

NOTE: Members are only required to pay for one membership per season. A unique discount code will be provided to individuals submitting both an Athlete and Non-Athlete Registration.  The discount code will waive the $30 NWBA membership registration fee, leaving only the $30 NCSI fee for the background check (which is required for all Non-Athlete registrations).

Payment Information

  • Debit/Credit Card payments submitted online through Individual Registration will be charged online processing fees of 3.15% of the total + $1.50 per payment
  • An Individual Registration Fee Waiver Request is available for participants with significant financial hardship. Please submit a summary of your detailed request to Brandon McBeain at
  • Payment options are available for teams or organizations to sponsor individual registration dues of team athletes and non-athletes. 

Registration Process

Step #1 - SportsEngine Login

To complete Team Registration, please visit: and click on the appropriate registration link. All NWBA Registrations require a SportsEngine account.

Click here to learn how to create a SportsEngine account
Click here to learn how to login
Click here to learn how to reset your password

Step #2 – Registration Notes and Required Information

  • The option for registering someone else is ONLY for parents registering a minor participant (under 18 years of age).
  • Individuals who have more than one responsibility (i.e., Coach and Player, Team Representative and Team Reviewer, Committee member and player, etc.) should include all the roles and positions that apply.
  • Only one entry for Athlete Registration is required for athletes rostered on multiple teams. For example:
    -Athletes participating with an Adult Division AND Women's Division teams should submit one (1) Adult Athlete Registration and include both teams
    -Athletes participating with a Prep AND Varsity teams should submit one (1) Junior Athlete Registration and include both teams
    -Athletes participating with a Junior Division AND a Adult Team should submit one (1) Junior Athlete Registration and include both teams.
  • Select the appropriate team or select "No Team" if not affiliated with a team (Note:  If your team is not listed, contact your Team Representative).
  • Athletes should review and complete the necessary information and processes for player eligibility BEFORE completing Athlete Registration. Click the following link for more information on Player Eligibility.

Required Information:

  • Contact Information
  • Date of Birth
  • T-Shirt Size
  • Disability Information
  • Jersey Number
  • Personal Info
  • Waivers include: Code of Conduct, Liability, Concussion Acknowledgement, SafeSport Acknowledgement (for "Adult Participants")

Junior Athletes


  • Only one entry for Non-Athlete Registration is required for individuals serving in multiple various roles.
  • All Non-Athletes are required to submit Background check information as it is integrated into that Registration.

Team Classification Reviewer:

  • Must successfully complete the Team Classification Reviewer Test:
  • Valid for two years from date of completion
  • Complete no later than September 30 or within 45 days of registering

Officials (Floor Officials or Referees)
Must successfully complete the Officials Test on annual basis. The link to the Officials Exam will be provided to individuals who select “Official” with an Non-Athlete Registration. Officials must score 70% or higher on the first attempt.

Step #3 – Review and Submit Registration
After reviewing the information entered to confirm it is complete and correct, click on "Complete Order" to submit the Individual Registration. A  copy of the receipt and Individual Profile will display and will also be sent to the email included in the SportsEngine profile used to submit the Individual Registration.

Step #4 – Save the Confirmation Email received after submitting the Individual Registration for easy access to edit/update information if/as necessary throughout the season.
Edit Registration Entry: Please click here to learn how to edit a registration entry.

Step #5 – Complete SafeSport Training
Trainings and additional resources can be found by visiting:

Adult Participants (age 18 and older)
All Adult Participants submitting any NWBA Individual Membership Registration (i.e., Junior Athlete, Adult Athlete, and Non-Athlete) MUST complete SafeSport Training each season within 10 days of submitting the NWBA Individual Membership Registration and prior to engaging in any activities with the NWBA

-Adult Athlete Individual Membership Registration: These participants can directly access the Training by clicking the SafeSport "Complete Certification" button provided in the eligibility/confirmation email received within 24 hours after submitting an NWBA Adult Athlete membership registration.
-Junior Athlete and Non-Athlete Individual Membership Registration(s): These participants will receive an email within 24 hours of submitting their membership registration with the instructions and the access code to complete the training.

Minor/Youth Athletes (age 17 and younger)
Minor/Youth Athletes should complete the age-appropriate Training for Minor/Youth Athletes

Parents should complete the “Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport” Training.