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Individual Registration

Registration Link

2017-18 NWBA Individual Registration opens at 2:00 p.m. MST on Tuesday, August 1. Links below will then become active.

2017-18 NWBA Membership Program Announcements

Click here to view announcements regarding the 2017-18 NWBA Membership Program.

Individual Registration Information

Individual registration includes the following Individual Membership Categories per Article IV of the NWBA Bylaws: Athlete; Coach; Official; Classification; Team Representative; Statistician; Athletic Trainer; Team Classification Reviewer; Equipment Manager; Administrator; Volunteer; Divisional and Conference Leadership; Board Directors; Hall of Fame; and Affiliate. Individual Registration will be separated into two categories: Athlete and Non-Athlete.

Athletes that also serve in Non-Athlete roles should complete Athlete Registration prior to Non-Athlete Registration.

Registration Dates
Early Individual Registration

  • Opens at 2:00 p.m. MST on Tuesday, August 1

  • Closes at 11:59 p.m. MST on Saturday, September 30

Open Individual Registration

  • Opens at 12:00 a.m. MST on Sunday, October 1

Registration Fees
Early Individual Registration - $20.00 per person
Open Individual Registration - $30.00 per person

Payment Options

  • All individual members only need to pay membership dues once, regardless of the number of roles they represent in the NWBA.
  • Volunteers and Hall of Fame Members will have their individual membership dues waived if not serving in any other roles.
  • A Membership Fee Waiver Request is available for, however not limited to, individuals with significant financial hardship.
  • Payment options are available for teams and organizations to cover individual registration dues of team athletes and non-athletes.

Team Registration
A team must complete Team Registration prior to an individual completing an Athlete or Non-Athlete Registration.
Click here for more information on Team Registration.

Registration Process

Step #1 – Sign up for a Sport Ngin Account

To complete Individual Registrations, both Athlete and Non-Athlete, please visit You will need a SportsEngine account to complete all registrations with the NWBA. If you already have a SportsEngine account, click here to learn how to login. If you have forgot your password to your SportsEngine account, click here to reset your password. If you need to create a SportsEngine account, click here to create a SportsEngine account.

Step #2 – Registration
Who are your registering?

You will be asked if you are registering yourself of another person. The option for registering someone else is ONLY for parents of minors (under 18 years of age) and Team Representatives who are assisting players or team staff with their registration process.

Which of the following are you registering for? 

Player, Coach, Team Representative, etc.

Note:  For people who have more than one responsibility on a team (ie: Coach and player or Team Representative and Team Reviewer) you should select all the positions that apply.

Team Selection

Select your team.

Note:  If your team is not listed on the pull down menu, email your team representative, coach and/or sponsor organization. They will need to complete 2017-18 NWBA Team Registration to be added into the list.

Step #3 Athlete Registration - Required Information 

  • Contact Information

  • Date of Birth

  • T-Shirt Size

  • Disability Information

  • Jersey Number

  • Debit/Credit Card*

  • Junior Division Athletes

Only one entry for Athlete Registration is required for athletes rostered on multiple teams.

Step #3 Non-Athlete Registration - Required Information 

  • Contact Information

  • Date of Birth

  • T-Shirt Size

  • Background check; integrated into registration

  • Debit/Credit Card*

Coaches and Team Representatives

Must successfully complete SafeSport Training

  • Visit to complete
  • Complete no later than September 30 or within 45 days of registering

  • Valid for two years from date of completion


  • NWBOA Dues included in registration

  • Must successfully complete the Officials Test on annual basis

    • NWBOA Officials Test will be available September 1.


  • Must successfully complete NWBA Level I Coach Certification

    • Visit to complete

    • Head Coaches are required to complete the Level I Coach Certification; Assistant Coaches are encouraged to complete.

    • Valid for two years from date of completion

    • Complete no later than September 30 or within 45 days of registering

Team Classification Reviewer

  • Must successfully complete the Team Classification Reviewer Test

    • Visit to complete

    • Valid for two years from date of completion

    • Complete no later than September 30 or within 45 days of registering

Only one entry for Non-Athlete Registration is required for individuals serving in various roles.

Step #4 – Review and Complete Registration

You will have a chance to review your individual profile page and edit any information.

Step #5 - Edit Registration Entry

You may edit a registration entry previously submitted. Please click here to learn how to edit a registration entry.