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Play wheelchair basketball anytime, anywhere

A comprehensive library of instructional videos and resources to help athletes learn, train and play wheelchair basketball anytime, anywhere - featuring Team USA Paralympians and NWBA players. 

TrueSport Supports Athletes, Parents and Coaches

TrueSport partners with organizations throughout the country to promote a positive youth sport experience — giving young athletes the tools to be leaders in life.

NWBA Webinar Series:

An informational series focused on helping NWBA members build knowledge, skills and abilities on focused topics.

  • Understanding and Securing Grants  
  • Athlete Safety 
  • Coaching Education & ADM Key Objectives For Success 

A Fair and Effective Anti-doping Program

The NWBA is opposed to the practice of doping in sport and fully supports and complies with the policies, protocols, and rules set forth by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).