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Return to Play Campaign Results

By NWBA, 12/02/20, 3:45PM CST


The Return to Play Campaign recently closed with nearly $160,000 raised. 17 teams / programs participated in this campaign, and 90% of the funds raised by each team will stay with that program. This was a peer to peer campaign and was a first for the NWBA. Some of the top earners in the campaign were:


Sebastian Milan - NY Rolling Fury ($8,084)

Will Allen - Austin ATX JR'S ($8,036)

Adan Persad - NY Rolling Fury ($6,103.57)

Alayna Tamura - Rollin' Tigers ($5,933)

Junior Rodriguez -  ($5,830)
Women's Division Commissioner, San Diego Wolf Pack


Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets ($32,720)

New York Rolling Fury ($25,310)

Austin Juniors ($18,132)

Rollin’ Tigers ($15,968)

Kansas City Kings ($13,669)

Our membership has been asking for support from NWBA Leadership on fundraising. This tool has significant potential to support grassroots programs, particularly those not affiliated with hospital systems or larger adaptive sport organizations. The tool, however, does not take away from the need for a team to band together to work towards a common goal.

As you can see in the results above, teams have the potential to control their own destiny. Some athletes had a low number of donors at a high average donation, while some had a lower average donation amounts and a high number of donors. The only common denominator was a willingness to put in the work.

We will evaluate the best time to introduce another campaign opportunity.

We recently entered the end of year fundraising season with Giving Tuesday. This will carry into the year end fundraising efforts. Our ask of Members is to support your local team or club in their end of year efforts. If there aren’t local activities, we would appreciate your support in spreading the word about the NWBA fundraising initiatives. Our common goal is to strengthen the game. Any and all support that you can provide will go a long way.