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March Rankings & Seeds set for Junior Division at 2017 NWBT presented by ABC Medical

03/08/2017, 9:00am CST

The NWBA Junior Division Executive Committee has announced the 2016-17 NWBA March Rankings for Varsity and Prep. The Junior Division Executive Committee used the rankings from March to distribute invitations and establish seeds for the 2017 National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament presented by ABC Medical, set for Louisville, Kentucky, March 30-April 2.

The top 16 ranked teams from Varsity received an invite to play for a Varsity National Championship in the Junior Division at the 2017 National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament presented by ABC Medical. There are 16 teams from Prep that will play for a Prep National Championship at the 2017 NWBT. Varsity teams ranked 17-32 received an invite to participate in the National Junior Invitational Tournament (NIT) at the 2017 NWBT.  If a team does not accept their bid for post season play, invitations will be sent to the next team, in order of ranking, until both tournaments are filled (Section 5.02 of NWBA Junior Division Guidelines). 

The brackets for Prep, Varsity and NIT tournaments will be posted to the NWBA website at 5 PM MST on Monday, March 13.

The 2017 NWBT presented by ABC Medical will feature a total of 48 teams from the NWBA Adult Division and 48 teams from the NWBA Junior Division. For more information on the 2017 NWBT visit


  1. Dallas Jr. Mavericks - Blue*
  2. BlazeSports Jr. Wheelchair Hawks - Varsity**
  3. Courage Kenny Jr. Rolling Timberwolves*
  4. Mary Free Bed Jr. Pacers*
  5. TIRR Houston Hotwheels - Varsity*
  6. RHI Racers*
  7. WASA Jr. Bucks - Varsity*
  8. BORP Jr. Road Warriors*
  9. LWSRA Hawks - Varsity*
  10. Brooklyn/Jersey Jr. Nets*
  11. Utah Rush - Varsity*
  12. ParaSport Spokane - Varsity A**
  13. Nebraska Red Dawgs - Varsity*
  14. Rancho Renegades*
  15. Chicago Skyhawks - Varsity**
  16. Fairfax Falcons - Varsity**
  17. Denver Jr. Nuggets*
  18. Peoria Wildcats - Varsity*
  19. Bennett Blazers
  20. Michigan Rollin' Pistons/Challengers - Varsity
  21. Richmond Sportable Spokes
  22. Lakeshore Lakers
  23. Charlotte Rolling Hornets - Varsity
  24. Synergy Jr. Bulls
  25. UAH Chargers
  26. Katie's Komets
  27. Mad City Badgers
  28. Seattle Jr. Sonics
  29. Mississippi Wheelcats
  30. Rockford Jr. Chariots
  31. Dallas Jr. Mavericks - White

Tulsa Jammers* - declined invitation
Oklahoma Blaze - 10'** - declined invitation

*Automatic Regional Bid
**Automatic Conference Bid


  1. Fairfax Falcons - Prep
  2. Charlotte Jr. Hornets Prep - Purple
  3. BlazeSports Jr. Hawks - Prep
  4. RHI Jr. Racers
  5. St. Louis Jr. Rolling Rams
  6. WASA Jr. Bucks - Prep
  7. Courage Kenny Rolling Rowdies
  8. LWSRA Hawks – Prep
  9. Bennet Blazers – Prep
  10. Oklahoma Blaze - Prep
  11. Lakeshore Sharks
  12. Dallas Jr. Mavericks - Prep
  13. Cincinnati Dragons
  14. Turnstone Flyers
  15. Portland Jr. Wheel Blazers - Prep
  16. Charlotte Jr. Hornets - Teal

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