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October’s Players of the Month Announced

11/06/2017, 1:45pm CST
By Kimberly Kasper, NWBA

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – The National Wheelchair Basketball Association is honored to announce the NWBA’s Nike Players of the Month for October. October’s winners and results are listed on the NWBA website at

Winners of the NWBA Player of the Month program will receive a Nike Dri-FIT NWBA branded t-shirt.


The NWBA recognized the following athletes per division:

         Junior Division: One Varsity

         Intercollegiate Division: One player (either men’s or women’s athlete)

         Women’s Division: One player

         Adult Division: One player for each Division I, Division II and Division III


Women’s Division

Kelly Lavoie of Chapter 126 CT Rolling Suns


Adult Division I

Hector Perez of the NMCSD Wolf Pack


Adult Division II

Mark Hartney of the Sportable Rim Riders


Adult Division III

Claude Scott of the Pittsburgh SteelWheelers


Junior Varsity

Daniel Malloy of the Fairfax Falcons


Intercollegiate Division

Mackenzie Voecks of the University of Nebraska Omaha


Destiny Ortega of the University of Texas Arlington


The NWBA thanks all athletes, coaches, and supporters for participating in October’s Player of the Month awards. Congratulations again to all players that were nominated and selected as Players of the Month.

November’s Players of the Month applications are due at 12:00 pm MST on Monday, December 4. All Player of the Month applications should be sent to

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