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2017-18 Junior Division November Rankings

11/30/2017, 2:45pm CST
By Junior Division Ranking Committee

Season's first Top 40 Varsity & Top 20 Prep Rankings

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – The Junior Division Ranking Committee has announced the 2017-18 November Rankings for Junior Varsity and Junior Prep Divisions. The top seeds for each division are the TIRR Memorial Hermann Houston Junior Hotwheels for Varsity and the LWSRA Hawks-Prep for Prep.

The TIRR Memorial Hermann Houston Junior Hotwheels started the year strong with a win over the Minnesota Jr. Rolling Timberwolves, 53-35, at the NWBA Preseason NIT. The Hotwheels would finish the weekend off with a 5-0 record, taking home 1st Place by knocking off the RHI Racers in the championship game, 70-46.

The BlazeSports Jr. Hawks come in at No. 2 after going 5-0 and being crowned Varsity Champions of the 2017 Courage Kenny Classic. The RHI Racers, Minnesota Jr. Rolling Timberwolves and Utah Rush round out the top five of the Junior Varsity Division Rankings.

The top ranked LWSRA Hawks – Prep of the Junior Prep Division opened their season with a close game against the Turnstone Flyers, sneaking out a 17-13 victory. The Hawks had a strong follow up performance against the Marry Free Bed Jr. Pacers, winning 20-4. They head into the heart of the season with a 2-0 record.

The Turnstone Flyers enter the inaugural rankings for the Junior Prep Division as the second ranked team, with their sole lose coming at the hands of the No. 1 Hawks. The top five of the Junior Prep Division rankings follow with Minnesota Rolling Rowdies at No. 3, Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets Prep-Purple at No. 4 and the Lakeshore Sharks at No. 5.

The top 16 ranked teams for Varsity will earn an invite to play in the National Junior Wheelchair Basketball Tournament (NJWBT) at the 2018 National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament (NWBT) presented by ABC medical in Louisville, Kentucky, April 12-15, 2018. Teams ranked 17-32 will receive an invite to participate in the National Junior Invitational Tournament at the 2017 NWBT. If a team does not accept their bid for post season play, invitations will be sent to the next team, in order of ranking, until both tournaments are filled.

The top 16 ranked teams from Prep are initially offered an invitation to participant in the National Prep Wheelchair Basketball Tournament (NPWBT) at the 2018 NWBT. After confirming the intent to attend of the top 16 teams an invitation is sent to the remaining teams to fill all16 slots for the NPWBT.

Messaging from the Junior Division Ranking Committee:

“Due to a dearth of game results, the first ranking of the year includes more subjective assessment based on rostered personnel and last year’s performance.  Teams noted with a dagger symbol (†) have either not started their season or have no reported game results for the Ranking Committee to evaluate. Teams noted with an asterisk (*) are already qualified for the 2018 NWBT with secured bid.”


Junior Varsity Division

  1. TIRR Memorial Hermann Houston Junior Hotwheels*
  2. BlazeSports Jr. Hawks*
  3. RHI Racers*
  4. Minnesota Jr. Rolling Timberwolves*
  5. Utah Rush
  6. WASA Junior Bucks†
  7. BORP Jr. Road Warriors†
  8. Nebraska Red Dawgs Varsity
  9. Dallas Jr. Wheelchair Mavericks*
  10. ParaSport Spokane
  11. Lakeshore Lakers
  12. Mary Free Bed Jr. Pacers
  13. Charlotte Rollin' Hornets
  14. Peoria Wildcats
  15. Seattle Jr. Sonics
  16. Rancho Renegades†
  17. Sportable Spokes
  18. Fairfax Falcons
  19. Chicago Skyhawks Junior 10’ †
  20. Synergy Jr Bulls†
  21. Michigan Rollin Pistons/Challengers
  22. Denver Jr. Rollin’ Nuggets†
  23. Ryan Martin Foundation Trojans
  24. LWSRA Hawks†
  25. Rockford Junior Chariots
  26. UAH Chargers
  27. Achievement Centers Jr. Wheelchair Cavaliers
  28. Bennett Blazers Varsity
  29. Tulsa Jammers*
  30. Mad City Badgers
  31. Katie's KOMETS
  32. Mississippi WheelCats
  33. Portland Jr. Wheel Blazers
  34. Cincinnati Dragons
  35. Bridge II Sports Jr. Thunder
  36. RHI Racers B
  37. Miami Valley Jr. Raptors
  38. St. Louis Jr. Rolling Rams
  39. Music City Thunder
  40. Turnstone Flyers


Junior Prep Division

  1. LWSRA Hawks
  2. Turnstone Flyers–Junior Prep
  3. Minnesota Rolling Rowdies
  4. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets Prep-Purple
  5. Lakeshore Sharks
  6. Fairfax Falcons
  7. Oklahoma Blaze
  8. Bennett Blazers Prep
  9. Nebraska Red Dawgs Prep
  10. BlazeSports Jr. Hawks
  11. RHI Jr. Racers
  12. Mary Free Bed Jr. Pacers
  13. WASA Junior Bucks
  14. Chicago Skyhawks Junior Prep
  15. Michigan Rollin Pistons/Challengers
  16. Katie's KOMETS
  17. Synergy Jr Bulls
  18. New York Rolling Fury PREP
  19. SportAbility Rolling Panthers
  20. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets Prep-Teal 

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