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Please see below for contact information of NWBA registered officials for the current NWBA season.

NWBA Policies and Procedures state in Article One - Field of Play, Section 12 - Sectioned Events, 2 (d): "Only NWBA registered floor officials may be used for competition. If an un-registered floor official works any portion of the sanction, the game results will not count towards any postseason play."

If you have any questions please contact the NWBA Director of Officials at

You may filter registered officials by "State" to locate NWBA officials in your region. Levels of officiating include: Junior Division-Prep, Junior Division-Varsity, Adult Division III, Adult Division II, Adult Division I, Women's Division, Intercollegiate Division and International.

Officials MUST have completed SafeSport Training in order to participate in any NWBA activities--please note the "Yes" or "No" in the report below. If a "No" SafeSport Training is on file they are not eligible to be involved in any NWBA activities.