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Request for Proposal for Nationals

NWBA Request for Proposal to host 2025 NWBA National Championship Series

The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) is willing to accept a Request for Proposals to host and serve as the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the Military and/or Women’s Division National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament/s as part of the 2025 National Championship Series.

Targeted weekends to host the Women's & Military Division events in 2025 would be (in order of preference):

  • April 25-27, 2025
  • April 18-20, 2025
  • March 28-30, 2025

At this time these events the NWBA is not seeking a host for in 2025: Adult (DI, DII & DIII), Junior (Prep, Varsity & Varsity Invitational), Intercollegiate Women and Intercollegiate Men. However soon will be seeking event host for these in 2026 and beyond.

The goal for all events part of the NWBA National Championship Series is to create a positive lasting experience for all athletes, members, and attendees. Through this, we plan to assist the selected LOC in further growing wheelchair basketball in their surrounding community. This will evoke pride in local athletes and confidently help attract more players, fans, and partners. The NWBA intends to run these events in the most financially efficient and conscientious way possible. We believe that by entrusting in the below formula with the addition of consistent and hard work by all, we can do this (minimally) at a breakeven level for the LOC and NWBA. Any profit created may go to the LOC for more local adaptive sports events and resources.

Submit Formal Bid Proposals to Brandon McBeain at Bid Proposals will be reviewed by Divisional Leadership and NWBA Board of Directors.

Per NWBA Bylaws, Article I Field of Play, Section 8 National Tournaments: “The Executive Director, with approval of the NWBA Board of Directors, shall select the date and location/s of the NWBT.”

Bids for the 2025 and Beyond for NWBA National Championship Series may be awarded as soon as possible. A formal announcement of the bid awardees will be released to NWBA membership following the decision during a mutually agreed upon time and date.

A formal Request for Proposal Form to help guide potential hosts on submissions is available below, along with other documents that contain more detailed information regarding the formal bid process.  

Event Sample Budgets

Note: These sample budgets are based off of previous events figures. Figures will vary based on host, facilities, etc.


The Memorandum of Understanding for each event provides a broad outline of what a contract between the NWBA and LOC would look like, detailing duties and responsibilities and the responsible parties. Everything in these examples is not final, and can be negotiated. We encourage LOCs to bring up matters they would like to discuss further. 

Brandon McBeain

Chief Operating Officer