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Submitting Scores, Scoresheets & Scorebook

NWBA Scorebook

The NWBA Score Book is the official scoring sheet to record scores and results of NWBA competition. You can download and print the whole book, or only the specification sheet for your division of play.  

If you have questions, please contact Brandon McBeain at

How to Videos on the NWBA website

Submitting Scores to NWBA

The NWBA is excited to provide NWBA registered teams access to input team scores on team webpage and NWBA website. To input team scores you are required to:

a)have permission to score games (granted by NWBA)


b) be logged into

Permission will be initially granted to the individual and profile that completed an entry for Team Registration. Please contact the NWBA to request permission for access to team page for additional individuals.

Teams should submit scores from an NWBA sanctioned event within 48 hours of the event.

Please review the following options below to score a game on the NWBA website.


Quick Score - (Easiest, least information added - just final score)

Step 1: Log In> Select Edit Mode> Navigate to the Team Page

Step 2: Select Game Schedule> Select the Date of the Game

Step 3: Select Quick Score

Step 4: Score the Game> Select Save

Tabluar Stat Entry - (Full game, team and player stats. Entered after completion of game)

Step 1: Log In> Switch to Edit Mode> Navigate to the Team Page

Step 2: Select Game Schedule> Select the Date of the Game

Step 3: Select Edit Stats

Step 4: Enter Score, Scoring Plays, Team Statistics, and Player Statistics.

Step 5: Scroll to the Bottom and Select Save

Step 6: If the Game is Complete, change the Status to Final.

iScout Basketball

iScout Basketball is the premier application for live tracking of basketball statistics. iScout is fully integrated with the NWBA website. iScout Basketball iOS app update is available in the iTunes app store for both iPad and iPhone. SportsEngine users will now be able to login with your SportsEngine accounts on the iScout app, discover games from your SportsEngine website, score games (with or without an internet connection) and upload stats back to the website as frequently as you choose to do so.  See your stats at any point in the game.  

Click Here for SportsEgine User Guide for iScout

•Setting Up

•Collecting Data


•Video Tutorials

•And More

Click Here to Download iScout

For more questions contact iScout Support at