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How We Operate

The NWBA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, which raises funds to support the mission of the organization. 

NWBA Mission: Lead the sport of wheelchair basketball through increased participation and representation, while fostering a lifelong community of impact for our members and their  families.

In order to bring this mission to life, the NWBA is organized as outlined in the left graphic. 

The NWBA operates under a set of Bylaws that are voted on by registered members of the organization. In addition to the Bylaws, the NWBA has policies and procedures that are approved by the Board of Directors. The goals and objectives of the organization are derived from the Strategic Plan of the organization, which all can be accessed by clicking here.

In addition to the Divisional Structure, the NWBA relies on a group of volunteer leaders to drive our Committees and the strategic priorities that fall under their purview. Below is a diagram displaying the structure of the Committees. 

Visit the Leadership Teams page to learn more about the objectives of each committee, the members of each committee, and to contact them as needed.