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2019-20 NWBA Junior Division Postseason Timeline

08/22/2019, 2:00pm CDT
By NWBA Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - The NWBA and the Junior Division Executive Committee are excited to announce the postseason timeline and qualification process for the national tournaments for the Junior Division as part of the 2020 Toyota National Championship Series. The Toyota National Varsity, Varsity Invitational and Prep Wheelchair Basketball Tournaments will be held March 13-15 in Wichita, Kansas.

The top 16 ranked teams for Varsity level of play in the Junior Division will earn an invite to compete in the 2020 Toyota Varsity Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. Varsity teams ranked 17-32 will receive an invite to participate in the 2020 Toyota Varsity Invitational Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. The top 16 ranked teams from Prep are initially offered an invitation to participate in the 2020 Toyota Prep Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. If a team does not accept its bid for postseason play, invitations will be sent to the next team, in order of ranking, until all Junior Division tournaments are filled.

Per the Junior Division Guidelines, Article V. Section 5.02 to be eligible for a national tournament, a team must be in good standing with the NWBA, and:

1. Play a minimum of TEN (10) games for Varsity and EIGHT (8) games for Prep

  • Varsity ONLY: Complete at least 6 of their 10 minimum games against conference opponents

2. Each Varsity and Prep team must compete in their Conference Championship.

3. All minimum game requirements must be completed at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the national tournament.

Varsity teams may receive an automatic bid and qualify to receive an invite to a national tournament by results from a Conference Championships and/or Regional Qualifying Tournaments. One automatic bid will be provided for Conference Championships. Regional Qualifying Tournaments will receive qualifying bids per the following criteria:

-Five (5) Teams or less = 1 Bid

-Six (6) Teams or more = 2 bids                                                     

The 2019-20 Junior Division Regional Qualifying Tournaments are not confirmed for this season. Please visit the Calendar on the NWBA website for more information on Junior Division Regional Qualifying Tournaments when available.

 Varsity teams that receive an automatic bid will be placed in the Toyota Varsity Wheelchair Basketball Tournament or Toyota Varsity Invitational Wheelchair Basketball Tournament based on their FINAL rankings of the season. Thus, an automatic bid guarantees an invite to one of the two national tournaments mentioned above.

The following is the 2019-20 postseason timeline for the Junior Division teams and national tournaments.

- January 28th   Postseason Application Available

- February 16th Last qualifiers and conference championships

- February 17th   Postseason Application Due

- February 20th   Invites sent to Junior Division teams based on Final Rankings

- February 21st  Last Day to Accept Bids (24 hours from invitation receipt)

- March 1st   Last Day Games Will Be Considered into Seeds for Nationals

- March 3rd  Announce Seeds for Nationals

- March 13-15   Toyota National Varsity/Varsity Invitational/Prep Wheelchair Basketball Tournaments

More information for national tournaments will be provided when available and posted on the tournament webpage at


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