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NWBA Prorates Team and Individual Membership Dues for Remainder of 2020-21 Season

By NWBA Team, 03/22/21, 10:45AM CDT


Reduced Dues In An Effective Immediately – March 22

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The NWBA Board of Directors have unanimously approved revisions to Policies and Procedures Section 4.6 (Dues). 

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, NWBA leadership has applied three key themes that also played a key role in this decision. The themes are:

  1. Create a safe opportunity to compete for those teams able to do so
  2. Create flexibility in our processes to address the uncertainty in planning
  3. Minimize financial burden on Membership

The summary of the change to Section 4.6 (Dues) is that the NWBA Board of Directors can use their discretion to prorate the team registration dues for the season. Specifically, based on the point in the season that we are at (e.g. 90 days remaining for Adult and Junior Divisions; 120 days remaining for Women’s Division) and the themes mentioned above, the team registration dues will be prorated to 50% of communicated price. That means that teams which register effective March 20th forward will be charged $300, instead of the communicated price of $600.

Additionally, the NWBA Board of Directors has also used their discretion to reduce individual membership dues by $5 regardless of membership type (i.e. Junior, Adult Athlete, Adult Non-Athlete, Official, etc). 

The discretion exercised by the Board of Directors to prorate team registration dues and reduce individual membership dues is intended to be a one-time event to reflect the extraordinary circumstances caused by COVID19.


Various questions and answers to help explain Leadership’s position on this and other scenarios that were considered can be found below, along with the new policy language in its entirety:

What are the benefits to the teams and the NWBA by reducing Team Registration dues?

  • The biggest benefit is that already registered teams will have more teams to compete against. Ideally you won’t have to travel as far to compete, which is one of the largest expenses for teams.
  • This may also prevent players in your conference and Division from forming a super-team, because more teams may now be able to register.
  • This helps teams (your peers) who’ve been hurt financially by the Pandemic, due to no fault of their own.
  • We believe this will help keep our athletes involved in wheelchair basketball, instead of retiring or going to another sport.
  • The more teams that register also helps the NWBA survive one of our the most difficult times in our history.

My team just registered prior to this announcement, so will my team receive a refund for a portion of our team registration dues?

  • No, the policy language that existed before did not allow for leadership to reduce the team registration dues. Unfortunately, we cannot pre-date this change to support a refund.
  • Also, teams were using the services and benefits provided to our Membership for a longer period of time.

How do these changes impact the registration deadlines?

  • They do not. The latest information on registration deadlines and post-season deadlines can be found at the following link:

 How are you ensuring a safe environment?

  • We’ve published links to local health organizations and CDC information that provide guidance for specific geographies across the country.
  • You can find this information at the following page on the NWBA Website:

 What if I feel it is unsafe to compete this season?

  • We respect every member’s personal choice and the decision not to compete will not be held against you.

 Why weren’t individual membership dues reduced by the same percentage as team dues?

  • Leadership wanted to provide additional support for individuals, but the analysis wouldn’t support the same percent reduction.

How does this affect membership and registration dues moving forward?

  • NWBA Leadership will announce next season’s dues at a later date. This reduction in dues is intended to deal with the extraordinary circumstances caused by COVID19.

What do these changes mean for 2021 Nationals?

  • We believe this will help more teams compete for, qualify for and register for Nationals.
  • We think this will give you more competition before Nationals and at Nationals.
  • The pricing for Nationals will not change. It costs our Local Organizing Committee and Hosts a significant amount to host Nationals. The goal is to help them break even.

Will you have any programs to help teams raise money to travel to 2021 Nationals?

  • Yes, we will be releasing information on our next Peer to Peer Campaign very soon. In Fall 2020, teams had incredible success raising money to help cover the cost of their season.
  • Members raised on average over $1,000 per person involved in this campaign and SO CAN YOU!

 What if COVID19 continues, what will the dues be next season?

  • We will not speculate on COVID19 or any impact on next season or its pricing at this time.
  • We are cautiously optimistic that we will have a much more normal 2021 / 2022 season, but we need to get through 2020 / 2021 first.

Updated Policy

Section 4.6: Dues

  1. Annual dues for participation in the NWBA shall be set by the NWBA Board of Directors;
  2. Notification of the determined fees associated with annual dues shall be submitted in writing to all members of the NWBA no later than August 1 of each year unless an alternate deadline is established and communicated by the NWBA Board of Directors;
  3. Payment of annual dues shall be made by each team at the time the team roster is submitted for registration;
  4. Annual Dues shall be received by the NWBA no later than October 15 of each year unless an alternate deadline is established and communicated by the NWBA Board of Directors;
  5. Teams failing to comply with this subsection shall be subject to the consequences outlined in Subsection 1.2.5 of these Policies and Procedures;
  6. In the event of exigent circumstances with broad and significant implications to the organization, the NWBA Board of Directors has the discretion to pro-rate:
  • The Team Registration Fee Structure to provide a discount by an amount no greater than 50%
  • Individual Membership Dues Structure to provide a discount by an amount no greater than 20% 

To review the updated version of the NWBA Policies & Procedures that include this policy please visit