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Complete Recap of the 2023 NWBA Adult Wheelchair Basketball National Championship presented by ABC Medical

By Golden State - DI; Rec'ers - DII; Magic Wheels - DIII CROWNED NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, 04/02/23, 6:15PM CDT


WICHITA, KANSAS – The 2023 NWBA Adult Division Wheelchair Basketball National Championships presented by ABC Medical concluded in Wichita, wrapping up the NWBA’s 75th season for the Adult Divisions. 

For those of you who missed any of the championship matchups, below are recaps of each tournament’s bracket and awards. You can also visit the NWBA's Facebook page at to watch the saved livestreams - including championship games for all divisions. Brackets can also be found on the tournament webpage at



Championship Game: #1 Golden State Road Warriors 55, #2 New York Rollin’ Knicks 52 
Championship Game MVP: Matt Scott 
Tournament MVP: Jorge Sanchez, Golden State Road Warriors 
Captain James S. Ure Sportsmanship Award: Erica Wilson, Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 
First Team All-Tournament 
Christopher Paasch – Golden State Road Warriors 
Trevon Jenifer – MedStar NRH Punishers 
Matt Scott – Golden State Road Warrios 
Pat Anderson – New York Rollin’ Knicks 
Steve Serio – New York Rollin’ Knicks 
Second Team All-Tournament 
Adrian Powell – Memorial Rehabilitation Sharks 
Ryan Neiswender – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 
Carlos Martinez - Memorial Rehabilitation Sharks 
Brian Bell – Golden State Road Warriors 
Bryce Doody – MedStar NRH Punishers 



Championship Game: #5 Austin Rec’ers 46, LA Hotwheels 44 
Championship Game MVP: Fred Esman 
Tournament MVP:
Fred Esman, Austin Rec’ers 
Sportsmanship Award: Chelsea Mclammer – Parasport Spokane 
First Team All-Tournament 
Noah Hotchkiss – Chicago Hornets 
Charles Armstead – Austin Rec’er 
Marcelo Gomez – LA Hotwheels 
Paul Nelson – Austin Rec-’er 
Julio Fonesca – LA Hotwheels 
Second Team All-Tournament 
Ricardo Lucien – Kansas City Kings 
Alex Grunstein – Denver Rolling Nuggets 
Ryan Hundemer – Austin Rec’ers 
Eriban Loyola - LA Clippers 
Candice Law – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets




Championship Game: #4 Orlando Magic Wheels 41, #2 Pittsburgh Steelwheelers 36 
Championship Game MVP: Fred Esman 
Tournament MVP: Kevin Greene, Orlando Magic Wheels 
Tim Stout Sportsmanship Award: Victor Vendura – Houston Rolling Rockets 
First Team All-Tournament 
Jakarius Kemp – Lakeshore Storm 
Mike Adams – Pittsburgh Steelwheelers 
Jake Schmalziedt - Pittsburgh Steelwheelers 
Zach Gorecki – LWSRA Hawks 
Javier Rodriguez – Orlando Magic Wheels 
Second Team All-Tournament 
Jesse Robinson – Tuscon Lobos 
Cherronte “Poochie” Watts 
Andrew Beautel – LWSRA Hawks 
Karl Yares – Tuscon Lobos 
Jessie Lind – Coastal Chairmen