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Complete Recap of the 2023 NWBA Women's & Military Division Wheelchair Basketball National Championships

By NWBA, 04/24/23, 6:00AM CDT



BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA (APRIL 23, 2023) - The 2023 NWBA Women’s & Military National Championships presented by ABC Medical concluded at U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Facility, Lakeshore Foundation. 
This year was the first-ever national championship tournament in the Military Division. The Military Division is a pilot program that was first approved for play by the NWBA Board of Directors in summer of 2021
The Women’s Division’s National Championship was comprised of thirteen teams, signaling the largest women's wheelchair basketball tournament in NWBA history.    

For those of you who missed any of the championship matchups, below are recaps of each tournament’s bracket and awards. You can also visit the NWBA's Facebook page at to watch the saved livestreams - including championship games for all divisions. Brackets can also be found on the tournament webpage at   

WASA Marquette Eagles - 2023 NWBA Women's Division National Champions


Championship Game: #1 WASA Marquette Eagles 75, #4 Arizona Storm 46
Championship Game MVP: Natalie Schneider, WASA Marquette Eagles 
Tournament MVP: Natalie Schneider, WASA Marquette Eagles 
Sportsmanship Award: Brooklyn Gossard, ParaSport Spokane 
Most Improved Player: Adriana Castro, Arizona Storm 
First Team All-Tournament 
#12 – Harmonee Ruetes – LWSRA Lady Hawks 
#12 – Becca Murray – WASA Marquette Eagles 
#21 – Kaitlyn Eaton – LWSRA Lady Hawks 
#55 – Courtney Ryan – Arizona Storm 
#3 - Morgan Wood – Lady Mavericks 

Second Team All-Tournament 
#3 Mary McLendon – Lakeshore Lightning 
#14 Jahkyra Daniels – Lakeshore Lightning 
#3 Christina Schwab – WASA Marquette Eagles 
#5 Erica Wilson – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 
#35 Sarah Heinzl – Ability360 Mercury 

Central Florida Warriors - 2023 NWBA Military Division National Champions


Championship Game: Central Florida Warriors 43, PVA ‘1’ 35 
Championship Game MVP: Pierre Sturgis, Central Florida Warriors 
Tournament MVP: Kevin Green, Central Florida Warriors 
Sportsmanship Award: William Green, PVA ‘2’ 

All-Tournament Team 
#5 Brent Garlic – PVA ‘1’ 
#2 Jhoonar Barrera – PVA ‘2’ 
#23 Jabrier Lee – PVA ‘2’ 
#14 Anthony Farve – ParaSport Spokane 
#1 Pierre Sturgis – Central Florida Warriors