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Complete Recap of the 2024 NWBA Junior Division Wheelchair Basketball National Championships

By NWBA, 04/07/24, 7:00PM CDT


RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (Apr. 7, 2024) – The 2024 NWBA Junior Wheelchair Basketball National Championship, hosted in Richmond, Virginia at the Henrico Sports & Events Center, wrapped up on Sunday to conclude the 2023-24 season.  For those of you who missed any of the championship matchups, below are recaps of each tournament’s bracket and awards. Brackets can also be found on the tournament webpage at


Championship Game: #1 Lakeshore 60, #2 Charlotte Rollin' Hornets 51
Championship Game MVP: Jackson Horne - Lakeshore Lakers 

Tournament Male MVP: Jakarius Kemp - Lakeshore Lakers
Tournament Female MVP: Jian Jackson - Lakeshore Lakers
Neal R. Sportsmanship Award: Riley Porter - Utah Rush

First Team All-Tournament
Jackson Horne - Lakeshore Lakers
Jack Binsfield - Courage Kenny Jr. Rolling Timberwolves
James 'JP' Pollard - Bennett Blazers
Kaden Bagley - Charlotte Rollin' Hornets
Caleb Roach - Kansas City Kings

Second Team All-Tournament
Sebastian Milan - New York Rollin' Fury
Arelle Middleton - Rancho Halos
Andrew Beutel - LWSRA/Synergy Hawks
Adan Persad - New York Rollin' Fury
Mackenzie Groth - Courage Kenny Jr. Rolling Timberwolves

Female All-Tournament
Arelle Middleton - Rancho Halos
Mackenzie Groth - Courage Kenny Jr Rolling Timberwolves
Sadie Absher - Charlotte Rollin' Hornets
Ava Finger - WASA Marquette Eagles
Ashlyn Olnick - RHI Racers

Varsity Invitational

Championship Game: #21 DASA Rolling Rams 46, #18 RMF Trojan 22
Championship Game MVP: #1 Benjamin Rees, DASA Rolling Rams

Tournament Male MVP: Dodge Shore - Mad City Badgers
Tournament Female MVP: Caroline Fitzpatrick - Katie's Komets
Sportsmanship Award: Abigail Lendosky - Mad City Badgers 

First Team All-Tournament
Schuyler Whitney - Mary Free Bed Pacers
Ben Rees - DASA Rolling Rams
Kelvin 'KJ' Field - Mississippi Wildcats
Jonathan Pittman - Kansas City Kings
Zaelyn Marshall - LWSRA/Synergy Hawks

Second Team All-Tournament
Phillip Lindsey - Mississippi Wheelcats
Romella Snedeker - Sportable Spokes
Caiden Hansen - Nebraska Red Dawgs
Adrina Castro - SAAS Jr. Wildcats
Sean Nichols - Cincinnati Dragons

Female All-Tournament
Zaelyn Marshall - LWSRA/Synergy Hawks
Romella Snedeker - Sportable Spokes
Adrina Castro - SAAS Jr. Wildcats
Abigail LaPole (Adaptive Sports Ohio Cavaliers)
Ruthie McKnight - Cincinnati Dragons 

Championship Game: #2 ATX 38, #5 Bennett Blazers 29
Championship Game MVP: Kooper Hernandez - ATX 

Tournament Male MVP: Cameron Davis - LWSRA/Synergy Hawks
Tournament Female MVP: Zaelyn Marshall - LWSRA/Synergy Hawks
Sportsmanship Award: Ivy Glaser - Katie's Komets

First Team All-Tournament
Ezra Ippel - Mary Free Bed Pacers
Kooper Hernandez - ATX
Landon Brown - Bennett Blazers
Maxwell Stachel - RHI Racers
Moustafa Eldeeb - New York Rollin' Fury

Second Team All-Tournament
Michael Bobb - Fairfax Falcons
Angel Urmeneta - New York Rollin' Fury
Andrew Lucas - Charlotte Rollin' Hornets
Hunter Mastaler - ATX
Emelia D'Antonio - New York Rollin' Fury

Female All-Tournament
Emelia D’Antonio - NY Rolling Fury 
Sidney Whaleysmith - WASA Marquette Eagles
Ivy Cosgrove - WASA Marquette Eagles
Liza Robbins - Bennett Blazers
Virtuous Bennett - Cincinnati Dragon