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NWBA launches 2018-19 Athlete Safety Procedures & Certification Trainings

07/19/2018, 3:00pm CDT

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - The final announcement for  day four of NWBA Membership Week focuses on athlete safety procedures and certification trainings for the 2018-19 NWBA season. The NWBA is dedicated to taking measures to ensure the safety of all athletes, including minors, and providing specific training opportunities for its members.The following are some great resources for our members, designed to ensure a safe, educated and fun environment for our athletes:

Background Check
In partnership with the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) and SportsEngine, background checks are fully integrated into the Non-Athlete Registration session. All non-athlete members of the NWBA must satisfactorily complete criminal background checks,as they may interact directly, regardless of frequency, with athletes as a regular part of their duties. All background checks must be completed through National Center for Safety Initiatives. No other form of background checks will be accepted. For more information on background checks visit

In partnership with the U.S. Center for SafeSport, the National Wheelchair Basketball Association requires that all Non-Athlete members must successfully pass the SafeSport Training. The U.S. Center for SafeSport is designated by Congress through the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 to serve as the independent national safe sport organization. They develop policies and procedures to prevent the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of amateur athletes. The Center’s responsibilities include Education and Training, and Response and Resolution services to National Governing Bodies.

The U.S. Center for SafeSport launched a new training on January 15, 2018. All NWBA Non-Athlete members will need to complete this new training for the 2018-19 NWBA season. Additionally, SafeSport has created Parent Toolkits to help parents and guardians help in preventing abuse in sport. For more information on SafeSport or access the Parent Toolkits visit

Coach Certification
All head coaches are required to complete the NWBA Level I Coach Certification; assistant coaches are encouraged to complete. Please visit to review the training presentation slides and access the test. Please complete the multiple choice test regarding the various topics presented in the presentations. This is an open book test; please reference the presentations if necessary. Certificates are valid for two years from date of completion. This program was made possible through a generous grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation.

Team Classification Reviewer
The team reviewer manages and administers the initial proposal and approval of player classifications for teams. A team reviewer can be any registered member of your team; there is no limit to how many team reviewers in your program that may be certified. All teams for all division of play must have at least one person certified as a Team Reviewer, except Prep teams in the Junior Division. There is no cost to become a Team Reviewer. Certificates are valid for two years from date of completion.For more information or complete the training course for Team Classification Reviewer please visit

Floor Officials & Classifiers
More information regarding testing and training opportunities for floor officials and classifiers will be shared when available.

Concussion Safety
The NWBA understands the severity of concussions, and is dedicated to preventing them within our organization. We have utilized the practices of the ‘HEADS UP’ Program from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help educate our members on the prevention of concussions, and what to do in the case of suspected concussions. All members while completing an entry for Athlete and/or Non-Athlete Registration will be required to acknowledge that this concussion information has been provided to them. For more information on concussion safety visit
All individuals must have a verified complete NWBA Athlete and/or Non-Athlete Registration 10 days prior to their first competition at a NWBA sanctioned event. All individuals registering within 10 days of an NWBA sanctioned event will NOT be eligible to participate. A Complete Non-Athlete Registration includes the successful completion of the following certifications: Background Check, Safe Sport Certification, Coaches Certification (if applicable), Officials Certification (if applicable), Team Reviewer Certification (if applicable).

The NWBA Membership Week is set for  July 16 - 20 to communicate with the members all the important information and updates for the upcoming season. The NWBA will be communicating across multiple communication channels (; NWBA social networks; NWBA email) to best inform our members and those interested in wheelchair basketball the processes necessary to become a member of the NWBA in preparation of the 2018-19 season.

For any questions, please contact Brandon McBeain at, or (719) 266-4082 ext. 108.

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