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Team Reviewer Certification


Team Reviewer

The Team Reviewer can be anyone from your team and there is no limit to how many in your program may be certified. All teams for all division of play must have at least one person certified as a Team Reviewer, except Prep teams in the Junior Division. There is no cost to become a Team Reviewer. 

  • Valid for two years from date of completion

  • Complete no later than September 30 or within 45 days of registering

  • All individuals must have a verified complete NWBA Athlete and/or Non-Athlete Registration 10 days prior to their first competition at a NWBA sanctioned event.  A Complete Non-Athlete Registration includes the successful completion of the following certifications: Background Check, Safe Sport Certification, Coaches Certification (if applicable), Officials Certification (if applicable), Team Reviewer Certification (if applicable).

Team Reviewer Quizzes & Test

The NWBA Classification Committee has provided a certification course will be an eight section course that also includes small quizzes at the end of each section and a final test. You must receive a score of 90% of higher on each quiz and 70% or higher on the Certification Test to be certified. You may take the course more than once and we encourage you to have all of your coaches and team managers take this exam. 

First Time CourseSites Registration

Both Team Reviewer Certifications utilize CourseSites to provide training, quizes and test.

If it is your first time registering for this course, please follow the link below and click on "Self Enroll". Then, click on the orange "I need a CourseSites account" button.  Using the applicable access codes you will create your profile.

Enrollment Password: 

  • teamreviewer for Adult Division, Intercollegiate Division, Women's Division
  • Juniors for Junior Division 

Continue into the course by clicking the green tab on the left called "Content". Start with the folder "Getting Started" and continue until you have completed all required quizzes and the Certification Test.

Note: If you need to log back in to retake a test or to complete missing tests, DO NOT register for a new account.  Instead, please follow the link and instructions for logging into your already existing account below.

First time CourseSites Registration

Click this link if this is your first time registering with CourseSites and follow the instructions on how to navigate the course above.

Logging into an Existing CourseSites Account

If you are trying to log back into your account on CourseSites to take missing tests and/or quizzes, or to take tests/quizzes which you did not pass, click on the link directly below. Then click the orange "Login" button at the top right corner of the page and login to your account using the information that you used when you set up your account.  After you are logged in you will be taken to a page with a box titled "Courses" on the right side of the screen.  Click on the green word "Classification" and you will be directed to the Team Classification Reviewer course.

To view your grades on your tests and quizzes, click on the green "Tools" tab on the left and then the green "My Grades" button on the right side of the screen.  The required passing scores are listed at the top of this page or under each individual quiz/test.

Once you know which quizzes/tests you have to take, click on the green content button to the left, and then click on the quizzes/test that you have to take and you can start working on them.   Once all quizzes/tests are completed, you can logout and await your certification email. If you do not pass the quiz/test, you can attempt it as many times as needed to attain the required score by simply clicking on the quiz/test title again.

Note: If you have already created a CourseSites account you will not need to use an access code.  Access codes are ONLY for first time registrations.

Logging into an Existing CourseSites Account

Click this link to take/retake any quizzes and/or tests if you have already created an account with CourseSites, and then follow the instructions above.