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Team Reviewer Certification

Team Reviewer

The Team Reviewer can be anyone from your team and there is no limit to how many in your program may be certified. All teams for all division of play must have at least one person certified as a Team Reviewer, except Prep teams in the Junior Division. There is no cost to become a Team Reviewer. 

- Valid for two years from date of completion

- Complete no later than September 30 or within 45 days of registering

- All individuals must have a verified complete NWBA Athlete and/or Non-Athlete Registration 10 days prior to their first competition at a NWBA sanctioned event.  A Complete Non-Athlete Registration includes the successful completion of the following certifications: Background Check, Safe Sport Certification, Coaches Certification (if applicable), Officials Certification (if applicable), Team Reviewer Certification (if applicable).

Certification Courses

Certified Team Reviewers

The list below is individuals that are valid Team Reviewers to sign off on Classification Roster Forms. Individuals must have a valid Team Reviewer Certification on file, have completed the necessary entry for 2021-22 Non-Athlete Registration (selecting role of Team Support Staff > Team Reviewer), and all requirements of non-athletes (background check and SafeSport trained).

Reminder all teams must have at least ONE Team Reviewer registered with their team. Becoming a Team Reviewer is free and more than one can be certified per team.