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Team Registration

Team Guide Book

The Team Guide Book is a great resource for teams to use that outlines team operations and highlights important information for competing in the NWBA. The book will help teams and administrators stay on track with dates, forms and other areas of compliance for teams. Visit the NWBA Resource Center at to view the updated version of the Team Guide Book.

Team Registration Link

Team Registration Information

The NWBA Bylaws and Policies & Procedures require all teams to met the membership requirements and dues to have an active members of NWBA.  

Registration Dates
Team Registration

- Team Registration opens on Monday, July 15 and closes at 11:59 p.m. MT on Tuesday, September 10

- Late Team Registration opens on Wednesday, September 11 and after

Registration Fees
Team Registration - $600.00 per team
Late Team Registration - $750.00 per team

All new teams (non returning teams from the 2018-19 NWBA season) are eligible to register at the team registration fee of $600 at anytime.

Division Dues
Divisions and Conferences in the NWBA have established dues for their own operations. The NWBA has no determination in the dues set by a Division and/or Conference. These funds are held in reserve for use by the Division or Conference. To streamline the registration process for teams the NWBA will continue to collect these dues during Team Registration. 

Junior Division
Division Dues - $75.00 per team
Midwest - $75.00 per team

Adult Division
Division III Dues - $50.00 per team
Arkansas Valley $0
Carolina $0
Eastern $0
Florida $0
Gulf Coast $0
Mid-American $100.00
Midwest $150.00
Southern California $150.00
Independent Team - No Conference Affiliate $0

Women's Division
Division Dues - $0 per team

Intercollegiate Division
Division Dues$1,000 per team

Payment Options

- Pay in full during registration

- Any team who has not paid in full by October 1 will be ineligible for 2019-20 NWBA postseason tournaments, and the team will not be a member in good standing until all dues are paid in full.

- To make payment by check you must contact the NWBA prior to completing an entry for 2019-20 Team Registration.

Please contact Brandon McBeain at to establish a payment plan or make payment by check.

Individual Registration
A team must complete Team Registration prior to an individual completing an Athlete or Non-Athlete Registration. For more information on Athlete or Non-Athlete Registration visit

Registration Process

Step #1 – Visit

To complete Team Registration please visit You will need a SportsEngine account to complete all registrations with the NWBA. If you already have a SportsEngine account, click here to learn how to login. If you have forgot your password to your SportsEngine account, click here to reset your password. If you need to create a SportsEngine account, click here to create a SportsEngine account.

Each team should have one Team Representative designated for their team and completing Team Registration. A single Team Representative may register more than one team, i.e.  a Prep and Varsity team. If you registered a team in a previous season, your login information remains the same. 

Step #2 – Team Registration

The following information should be obtained prior to beginning or available when completing Team Registration:

- Team Representative Contact Information

- Team Practice Location/Address

- Team Voting Delegate Identified

- Team Level of Play (Division & Conference)

- Team Website

- Team Facebook Page

- Team Colors (Home & Away)

- Team Logo

- Team Photo

- Form of Payment Debit/Credit Card or Checking Account

- Adult Division II & Division III Teams

- ​Electronic Letter of Intent

- Electronic Team Roster Form for Review (sent in receipt & confirmation email)

- Adult Division II and Division III teams must complete a Adult Division II and III Roster Form for the review and approval of the Adult Division Executive Committee.

Adult Division III Roster Verification Deadline – August 15

Adult Division II Roster Verification Deadline – August 15

Step #3 – Review

You will have an opportunity to review/edit all your information to make sure it is correct.

Step #4 – Shopping Cart

Here you will have the option of paying team dues online with a credit/debit card or checking account.

Step #5 – Checkout

Once you fill in the information and click on Complete Order you will see a copy of your receipt and Team Profile which will also be emailed directly to you.


Please direct questions to:

Brandon McBeain

Director of Membership Services and Programs

Phone: (719) 266-4082 ext. 108