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2023 NWBA Adult Division Postseason Requirements and Timeline

By NWBA, 10/21/22, 12:00PM CDT


Ten Games Required to Qualify for Nationals

Colorado Springs, CO – The NWBA Adult Division Executive Committee has announced the timeline and minimum game requirements for the qualification process for the 2023 NWBA Toyota National Championship Series for the Adult Division (DI, DII and DIII). The Adult Division portions of the 2023 NWBA National Championship Series will be held Friday, March 31, to Sunday, April 2, 2023 in Wichita, KS, and was announced HERE.

See below for the postseason timeline and updated qualification process.


The following is the 2022-23 postseason timeline for the Adult and Junior Division teams to be eligible to participate in their respective national tournament.

December 1: Team Registration Deadline (team must registered to be eligible for postseason play)

January 1: Individual Registration / Roster Deadline – Adult Division (Player Transfers can be submitted until December 31)

February 1: Post Season Applications are OPEN

February 20: Post Season Applications are DUE

February 21: Invites are sent out 

February 23: Last Day for Bids to be Accepted 

March 19: Last Day Games are Considered for Seeding 

March 21: Seedings are Announced


Per the Adult Division Guidelines, Article VI. Post Season Play, Section 1 - National Championships: to be eligible for a national tournament, a team must be in good standing with the NWBA, and completed a schedule of no less than ten (10) games against other NWBA member teams in Division I, Division II, Division III, Intercollegiate Division (men or women), or Women's Division. 

NOTE:  Adult Division III teams must play five (5) games against Adult Division III teams of the ten (10) games minimum to qualify for postseason.

NOTN: Games versus Military Division DO NOT count towards the minimum game  requirements for any Adult Division team.

The top 16 ranked teams for each level of play in the Adult Division (DI, DII, & DIII) will earn an invite to compete in their respective division for the Adult Division National Championships. If a team does not accept its bid for post season play, invitations will be sent to the next team, in order of ranking, until all Adult Division tournaments are filled.

The Adult Division Executive Committee shall rank all teams applying for berths in their respective division for the Adult Division National Championships. The following information shall be considered and weighed in determining the rankings:

1. Win – Loss record. Consideration shall be given to the competitive level of opponents.

2. Head-to-head competition between teams.

3. Competition between mutual opponents.

4. The consistency of a team’s rating in the divisional monthly rankings.

5. Any significant roster changes such as additions and/or deletions of veteran players.

6. The point spread or margin of victory shall not be considered a factor for the winning team.

Contact Division Leadership

If you have any questions regarding the Adult Division timeline and/or postseason requirements please feel free to contact the Adult Division Executive Committee by viewing their contact information at