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Registration Information

NWBA Registration Information

The following are the registration dates for the 2020-21 NWBA season.

Team Registration

  • Registration – Opens at 5 p.m. Mountain time on Monday, August 3rd

Individual Registration

  • Registration – Opens at 5 p.m. Mountain time on Wednesday, September 2nd

The NWBA has two main categories available to register: Individual and Team. Please scroll down to learn more about the types of NWBA memberships/registrations. 

You will need a SportsEngine account to complete all registrations with the NWBA. If you already have a SportsEngine account, click here to learn how to login. If you have forgot your password to your SportsEngine account, click here to reset your password. If you need to create a SportsEngine account, click here to create a SportsEngine account.

​For additional information please reference specific registration webpages.

Types of Memberships/Registrations

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the NWBA family! Our members are currently comprised of teams, their staff, and players as well as volunteer leaders such as Division Commissioners and Conference Commissioners. We currently have over 200 teams consisting over 2000 players. Our NWBA National Tournament is the largest wheelchair basketball sporting event. The NWBA caters to youth teams, collegiate teams, women’s teams, USA National Teams and veterans.

Per the NWBA Bylaws, Article Four - Membership and Section I - Membership Categories:

Any group of individuals organized as a team or club for the purpose of playing wheelchair basketball, which accepts and observes the principles of, and functions in accordance with, the NWBA Bylaws, is eligible for active membership.

An individual may belong to more than one membership category. The NWBA shall have individual, team and affiliate organization categories each requiring the qualifications and have the voting and other rights and privileges indicated:

1. Individual Membership Categories

a. Athlete Members. Athlete members are those individuals who register as competitive athletes and are eligible for competition in wheelchair basketball.

b. Coach Members. Coach members are those individuals who register as active coaches and who are certified by the NWBA, or are certified as active coaches by the NWBA.

c. Official Members. Official members are individuals who register as officials with the NWBA, and who are certified as officials to officiate wheelchair basketball games.

d. Classification Members. Classification Members are those individuals who register as NWBA Classifiers and attend at least one Classification Clinic every two years.

e. Team Representative Members. These are individuals that support NWBA teams in at least one of the below categories:

i. Statistician.
ii. Athletic Trainer Members.
iii. Team Classification Reviewer.
iv. Equipment Manager.
v. Administrator.
vi. Volunteer

f. Divisional and Conference Leadership Members. These are individuals who serve in a position on Divisional Committees and/or Conference Committees who may not have a direct affiliation with a NWBA team.

g. Board of Directors Members. These are individuals who are members of the NWBA Board of Directors and/or NWBA Committees who may not have a direct affiliation with a NWBA Team.

h. Hall of Fame Members. Hall of Fame Members are individuals who have been inducted into the NWBA Hall of Fame. These members, once inducted, will be considered lifetime members.

i. Lifetime Members. These are individuals who pay a one-time membership dues fee.

j. Family Members. Family Members are those who have at least three or more individuals who participate in the NWBA and reside in one location.

k. Affiliate or other members. The Board of Directors may establish other nonvoting membership categories as it deems appropriate.

2. Team Membership Categories

a. Team Members. Team Members are any group of individuals organized as a team or club for the purpose of playing wheelchair basketball.

3. Affiliated Organization Membership Categories

a. Affiliated Organization Members are those amateur or commercial sports organizations that register as contributing organizations and which conduct athletic programs or activities that further the sport of wheelchair basketball in the United States or which otherwise support the sport of wheelchair basketball in the United States.

Other Membership Categories

The NWBA also recognizes the following individuals as members of the organization:

Volunteer. A person who freely assist with NWBA operations and is not associated/involved with an NWBA team, group and/or committee.

Event Director. A person who is the primary contact and responsible party for the management and implementation of NWBA sanctioned event. Please review NWBA Policies & Procedures for a definition and details on NWBA sanctioned events.

Future Dues Structure

The NWBA Board of Directors adopted a new multi-year membership dues structure through the 2023-24 NWBA season. Below is a table on the long-term NWBA Membership Dues Structure.

(Updated for 2020-21 Season on 3/22/21 -

FAQ Registration Questions

How do I reset my SportsEngine Password?
Click Here to Learn More

Where do I register as a member?
CLICK HERE to Register.

Why am I seeing a blank screen while purchasing a membership?
Please make sure your internet browser is updated. SportsEngine preferred browser is Google Chrome or FireFox.

The SafeSport code isn't working?

Make sure you select the correct organization. It should be "National Wheelchair Basketball." NWBA Access Code is provided via email upon completing a registration. 

Why am I not showing up on my team's roster? 

Make sure you completed your membership, registration, and attached your SafeSport certificate to your registration. Please reference our how-to attach SafeSport videos.


Make sure you selected the correct team in your registration.

I got the email that I need to do Safesport, but I already did it.

You need to download the certificate and attach it to your registration. Please reference our how-to attach SafeSport videos. 

Or you have non-athlete AND athlete registrations and attached it to only one of the registrations and it needs to be on both.


Brandon McBeain

Director of Membership Services and Programs

Phone: (719) 266-4082 ext. 108